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Greetings, I'm Laura, the founder of Networking Ninja.

The genesis of this venture emerged from a noticeable gap in the realm of networking. In today's business landscape, there's a growing emphasis on networking as a means to cultivate relationships with the hope of translating them into business opportunities.

It was apparent that many businesses possess remarkable services and products, yet they often grapple with the self-assurance required to effectively convey their value to their connections. Networking Ninjas was established to provide a supportive hand in navigating the intricacies of networking.


We aim to ease the burden and offer assistance either by guiding you through the networking process or, if preferred, by stepping in to represent your brand, thereby eliminating the need for additional overheads.

In essence, Networking Ninjas is here to lend a helping hand in your networking journey, with a commitment to making the process more manageable and ensuring your brand shines.


My Story

When I embarked on my own journey into networking, I did so with a feeling of uncertainty and some nervousness. My initial involvement in this field was prompted by representing someone else at a local networking group. Entering a room full of strangers, despite my usually confident nature, proved to be an intimidating experience. It was challenging to insert myself into conversations that were already underway, and the prospect of introducing myself seemed somewhat impolite.


During this event, I was tasked with delivering a 60-second sales pitch. While it generated a rush of nerves, it also afforded me a sense of exhilaration. Subsequently, I began attending various networking events/ exhibitions, where I made a conscious effort to engage with every person to discuss the business I represented. It was during these interactions that I quickly established numerous contacts, thanks in part to what some have described as my cheeky/charming persona.


It wasn't long before individuals approached me, curious about how I seemed to network effortlessly and wished they could manifest a similar level of passion for their own businesses.

Beyond merely making connections, I also discovered it became natural to me to identify opportunities for mutually beneficial collaborations among businesses with unmet needs. I wanted to help businesses connect.


The frequent requests for assistance and guidance from those around me became the driving force behind the creation of my business, Networking Ninjas. This endeavour was established with the specific purpose of providing solutions and support to businesses seeking to enhance their networking skills and create meaningful opportunities for growth.

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