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Networking Ninja’s launch campaign journey


I began my business Networking Ninja only in October of recent, this was a scary leap (still remains to be) I have numerous years of PR/ Marketing experience for corporate giants in the past, therefore using this skillset I utilised this to my advantage of launching my very own campaign.

I introduced Networking&Knowledge workshops, absolutely free, four of these within the local surrounding areas. Not only was a Networking event in itself but offered hints and tips to showcase a snippet of firstly, me as a person, my knowledge, my brand and promoting it’s services to get my business out there.

I reached out on various platforms asking if anyone would like to host these for free as these would be an opportunity to promote their own businesses in sense. I was taken back how many businesses reached out to offer, which was super kind but I was also glad to know these businesses were aware of the advantages of allowing businesses to use their premises as an advertising opportunity in itself. I then proceeded to plaster these events everywhere – Linkedin, Instagram, facebook and Eventbrite.

3 out of the 4 were fully booked, unfortunately the risk of hosting a free event is people don’t feel the need to turn up/ make you aware if they cannot attend, it happens, there’s no holding grudges, I expected it.

From my own experiences of sitting through countless presentations/ meetings that could have just been sent in an email I tried my best to make the workshops as interactive/ engaging as possible.

At the end of each event instead of asking people to email me their feedback, which I know majority would not have done, I made them write a few words there and then. This then allowed me to evolve and tweak my workshops to tailor the needs of the audience.

What first started out as a campaign to launch my business quickly became a huge learning process combined. What I knew about my audience and their needs from the beginning quickly evolved to where I found myself at the end of the campaign.

I encourage you to think do you really know your audience and their needs? And if so where’s the hard evidence to support this? Or is it just your assumption? How can you evolve? Accept constructive criticism as a positive to adapt? Provide the right value?

Thank you to all those who took part and provided me with your feedback, I value this and appreciate you.

Obviously I left the best kept tools up my sleeve for the paying clients, therefore should you be interested in fun mentoring hit me up on

Whatsapp me: 07830049717

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